Is the Humble Resume Losing Its Purpose?

The unending debate on what it should contain and what to look out for may be causing the resume to having an identity crisis A resume is still the primary tool to communicate one’s intention to be considered for a job. It is unavoidable unless one gets headhunted....

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Can Africa become the Employment Continent of choice?

Meeting on common ground: Can Africa become the Employment Continent of choice? [First Interview in Botswana]   During this conversation, I have spoken with Bame Lekoko, Senior Regional HR Manager for MassCash in the African Region. MassCash is a division of...

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Greg Savage in South Africa 2017!

Win free tickets to the South African Recruiter Masterclass Series     We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Greg Savage (The Savage Truth), a foremost expert in global recruitment and we are giving away free tickets to his South African...

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